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When the kindred came to choose, many of them wanted Maga, for her wisdom, and others Allel, who was reknown as a warleader when he was young.

She had been overjoyed when Allel had told them that they would at last be allowed to spend a year at Ardmachan.

Maga and Allel would have had every fire in the hall lit, ready to be doused.

Leary had stuck to them like a leech, and Darag had seemed, as so often lately, to want Elenn ap Allel to be with them.

Even Allel said it was better to control your temper, so Elenn never lost hers anymore.

She had been wounded and could have been killed, could still be killed, she, Emer ap Allel of Connat, now, today.

She hated it when Maga and Allel fought, and it had looked as if Emer was going to fight in just the same way.

He sat in an eating alcove with Allel and his children and some of the champions of his household.

Maga and Allel sat together on a bench at one end, their three children standing behind them.

None of them cared for the mourning cries of Elenn ap Allel, alone in the center of the camp of Connat.

As a child, Maga had never been fair, but Allel always had, when she could attract his attention.

He saw Mingor looking enthusiastic, and Allel looking reluctant, and Cethern of Lagin afoot, his face full of grief and fury.

If he killed Mingor or Allel, it would set a bloodfeud between himself and Emer, and he could not risk that.

Maga and Allel stood together in something that looked like united amity from the distance the boat gave.

Fial replied, ignoring Allel, his eyes going distant as he answered the question.