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n. A tree-lined avenue, often particularly one that is part of a landscaped garden.

  1. Redirect Avenue (landscape)

Category:Garden features Category:Baroque gardens


Allee is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Allee aka Alfred Y. Allee (1855–1896), American sheriff
  • Alfred Young Allee (1905-1987), American sheriff
  • David Allee (born 1969), American photographer
  • J. Frank Allee (1857–1938), American merchant and politician
  • Verna Allee (born 1949), American business consultant
  • Warder Clyde Allee (1885–1955), American ecologist, discoverer of the Allee effect
  • William Allee, American politician, Missouri senator

Usage examples of "allee".

Caderousse, waving his hand in token of adieu to Danglars, and bending his steps towards the Allees de Meillan, moving his head to and fro, and muttering as he went, after the manner of one whose mind was overcharged with one absorbing idea.

Embrig Spaceport - port of call for the wealthy provincial world of Mandeyn - the Freddisgatt Allee ran almost deserted from the Port Authority offices to the Strip.

Rosselin-Metadi whistled an off-key tune through her front teeth as she took a leisurely return walk down the Allee to her ship.

Then she looked back down the Allee, empty except for her and the dead.

Mandeyn, a pallid sun rose over the streets of Embrig Spaceport, and the Freddisgatt Allee stirred to reluctant life.

It seemed a good idea - I might not be near the Schot ten Allee again.

We will leave Danglars struggling with the demon of hatred, and endeavoring to insinuate in the ear of the shipowner some evil suspicions against his comrade, and follow Dantes, who, after having traversed La Canebiere, took the Rue de Noailles, and entering a small house, on the left of the Allees de Meillan, rapidly ascended four flights of a dark staircase, holding the baluster with one hand, while with the other he repressed the beatings of his heart, and paused before a half-open door, from which he could see the whole of a small room.

The following day Dantes presented Jacopo with an entirely new vessel, accompanying the gift by a donation of one hundred piastres, that he might provide himself with a suitable crew and other requisites for his outfit, upon condition that he would go at once to Marseilles for the purpose of inquiring after an old man named Louis Dantes, residing in the Allees de Meillan, and also a young woman called Mercedes, an inhabitant of the Catalan village.

And thus he proceeded onwards till he arrived at the end of the Rue de Noailles, from whence a full view of the Allees de Meillan was obtained.

This strange event aroused great wonder and curiosity in the neighborhood of the Allees de Meillan, and a multitude of theories were afloat, none of which was anywhere near the truth.

You formerly lived, I believe in the Allees de Meillan, on the fourth floor?

I destined it for her, and, knowing the treachery of the sea I buried our treasure in the little garden of the house my father lived in at Marseilles, on the Allees de Meillan.

Julie had scarcely recovered from her deep emotion when she rushed out of the room, descended to the next floor, ran into the drawing-room with childlike joy and raised the crystal globe which covered the purse given by the unknown of the Allees de Meillan.

It broadened into a sort of big stadium, with allees and cliffs and secret pockets, and there were at least eight different kinds of coral.

The stranger heard it, too: he whirled and fired both blasters down the Allee.