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vb. (en-third-person singular of: alight)

Usage examples of "alights".

The carriage is stopped, the affectionate man alights from the rumble, opens the door, and lets down the steps, obedient to an impatient motion of my Lady's hand.

My Lady alights so quickly and walks away so quickly that Sir Leicester, for all his scrupulous politeness, is unable to assist her, and is left behind.

Bucket's eye, after taking a pigeon-flight round the room, alights upon a table where letters are usually put as they arrive.

When an insect alights on the central disc, it is instantly entangled by the viscid secretion, and the surrounding tentacles after a time begin to bend, and ultimately clasp it on all sides.

If a minute insect alights with its delicate feet on the glands of Drosera, it is caught by the viscid secretion, and the slight, though prolonged pressure, gives notice of the presence of prey, which is secured by the slow bending of the tentacles.

From this peculiarity, when a small insect alights on a leaf of Drosophyllum, the drops adhere to its wings, feet, or body, and are drawn from the gland.

Even if an insect alights on a leaf, a slight molecular change is probably transmitted to some distance across its tissue, with the sole difference that no perceptible effect is produced.

NAPOLEON, in grey overcoat and beaver hat turned up front to back, rides to the spot with BERTHIER, SAVARY, and his aides, and alights.

NAPOLEON walks forward to meet it as it draws up, and welcomes the Austrian Emperor, who alights.

KING JOSEPH proceeds thus through the Plaza Oriente to the granitewalled Royal Palace, where he alights and is received by some of the nobility, the French generals who are in occupation there, and some clergy.

Nay, more, the traveler steps into a car--which is as comfortable as a house--in Boston, and alights from it only in the City of Mexico.

Lorn offers four, and opens the carriage half-door, easily lifting the two duffels, and instinctively managing to keep the sabre from striking anything as he alights.

It alights on the shoulders of the shattered corpse and glares at the hypnotized thousands with round red eyes afire with evil.