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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alight \A*light"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Alightedsometimes Alit; p. pr. & vb. n. Alighting.] [OE. alihten, fr. AS. [=a]l[=i]htan; pref. [=a]- (cf. Goth. us-, G. er-, orig. meaning out) + l[=i]htan, to alight, orig. to render light, to remove a burden from, fr. l[=i]ht, leoht, light. See Light, v. i.]

  1. To spring down, get down, or descend, as from on horseback or from a carriage; to dismount.

  2. To descend and settle, lodge, rest, or stop; as, a flying bird alights on a tree; snow alights on a roof.

  3. To come or chance (upon). [R.]


vb. (en-past of: alight)

Usage examples of "alighted".

When we alighted we wished each other good night, and everybody retired to his or her room, myself excepted, for I spent several happy hours with Clementine, which I can never forget.

I made him get into my carriage, and we alighted at a house at the end of Milan.

I gave the letter to my late nurse, with some money to insure its being dispatched at once, and drove on to Marseilles where I alighted at an obscure inn, not wishing to be recognized.

I was taking a walk within one hundred yards of the sentinel, when an officer arrived and alighted from his horse, threw the bridle on the neck of his steed, and walked off.

The night was dark, and my beloved angel happened to be on the right side to get out of the carriage first, so that, although the advocate was at the door of the brougham as soon as the footman, everything went right, owing to the slow manner in which Lucrezia alighted.

I was fortunate enough to win their good graces, and early the next day we got to London and alighted in the Strand at an inn where I only dined, going out to seek a lodging appropriate to my means and the kind of life I wished to lead.

When we alighted at the inn I told the coachman to call for me at two, and we then went up to the third floor, where we sat before the fire while the oysters were being opened.

In two hours we were at Spessa, and alighted at a large house, with nothing distinguished about it from an architectural point of view.

He alighted, we embraced one another, and I told him, assuming an air of sadness, that he could not leave before me.

At six o'clock precisely my mistress alighted from the gondola, well dressed and well masked, but this time in the garb of a woman.

It was nearly half-past eleven when we alighted at a wayside station whose village had long been lightless and asleep.

At a word from Holmes, the cabby pulled up at a corner and as we alighted I saw the long expanse of Cambridge Terrace stretching away before us in an empty desolation of lamplight and shadow.

A short drive brought us to our destination, and as we alighted before the portico of an imposing Georgian house, Holmes pointed to the ground.

I think that we were all glad when, some two hours later, we alighted at the little Hampshire station.

The instant she alighted, she said to me, "If ever your stanzas and mine become known in Rome, you may be sure of my enmity.