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n. The first letter of the Arabic alphabet: (term ا sc=Arab tr=álif Arabic).


ALIF may be an abbreviation for:

  • Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, a type of spinal fusion
  • ALIF (Liberate Attack of the Feminist Infantry), female hip hop group from Senegal

Alif may have more than one meaning:

  • Aleph, the first letter of many Semitic alphabets
  • Alif, the eighth consonant of the Thaana abugaida used in Dhivehi
  • Alif, a historic administrative division of the Maldives
  • Alif, Iran, a village in Fars Province, Iran
  • Alif (film), an Indian Malayalam film released in 2015
ALIF (Liberate Attack of the Feminist Infantry)

ALIF (Attaque libératoire de l'infanterie féministe, English: Liberation Attack of the Feminist Infantry) is the pioneer female hip hop trio of Hip Hop Galsen. Emerging in the late mid-1990s, ALIF offered a feminine and feminist flavour to Hip Hop Galsen encouraging women to play their part in the movement. The group split beginning of 2010 after thirteen years of a memorable career.

Alif (film)

Alif is a 2015 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by NK Muhammed Koya.

Usage examples of "alif".

Hamid-Jones picked up a well-worn flatscreen from a pile on the coffee table and thumbed through a number of droning documentaries about various public works projects on the planets and moons of the Alif system until he found a museum tour of Centauran art treasures.

Malik the First who united Alpha Centauri Alif Prime and left it to Malik the Second to consolidate the whole Alif system .

Or you might prefer to be made pasha of a district right here on Alif, closer to the center of things.

Beyond it, the bright yellow dot of Alpha Centauri Alif was partially eclipsed by its cooler companion.

The girl also put her blade away, and Alif found his in the snow and sat down, muttering to himself.

He is young, and as straight and slender as the written letter alif, and beautiful in a manly way.

The golden dome, of course, represents our main sun, Alpha Centauri Alif.

So he restricted himself to reading older texts, like the Alif Layla Wa Layla, the Thousand and One Nights.

At the centre of the cloth is a single Arabic word, intricately woven, four letters: an alif, two lams and a ha.