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Usage examples of "alie".

It was too cold to sleep above, so Alec retreated to the companionway, his back to the cabin door.

Caralie smiled and stretched languidly, her sensual movement reawakening a burst of desire inside him.

As air seeped back into his lungs, he became aware of Caralie and Paula both staring at him-- Paula in confusion and Caralie in weary sadness.

It wasn't until Winifred Bakerston and Sir Henry had left that Riley could refocus his attention on Car alie Tracey.

Riley was aware of the possessiveness of those words and for the first time he realized that Caralie's existence might change the neat and orderly world he'd built around his daughter.

Kaycee, an uncommonly pretty child, had never met a stranger she didn't like, and Caralie was no exception.

But as he saw the child and Caralie together, he realized all those people had been wrong.

Riley frowned, noting the way Caralie held Kaycee awkwardly, away from her body as if afraid the child might drool or spit up on her.

It took Riley only a moment to lock up the studio, then Caralie followed him up the flight of stairs that led to his second-story apartment.

In the kitchen, he placed Kaycee in her high chair and motioned Caralie into a chair at the table.

He looked over at Caralie, who appeared utterly unmoved by the cute little girl.

As Kaycee began decimating her lunch, Riley sank into the chair opposite Caralie, unsure exactly what to say to her.

Caralie laced her fingers together on the tabletop, her gaze downcast.

Caralie frowned, as if she found the idea distasteful, and again, dislike for her winged through Riley.

She leaned toward Kaycee, offering a cheek to the little girl, who smacked it happily, then held out a piece of hot dog to Caralie.