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Her entourage had retreated to the rim, to join Alfin, the treemouth custodian.

Yesterday Alfin had swarmed all over the nose-arm, hacking like a berserker maniac, like Gavving himself.

The thing was that Alfin took more care setting his spikes than the rest did.

He tore away some of the scarlet fringe, then offered Alfin a hand-sized piece of the white interior.

With his toes locked in branchiets, Alfin reeled the bird into knife range.

How could Alfin be consistently morose in Quinn Tuft, and happy while lost in the sky?

To his right, a row of dead salmon birds and ribbon birds, Alfin smiling in his sleep, and one of the Carther Tribe women, the pregnant one, Ilsa.

Strangers were among them, leading Gavving and Alfin toward the big hut.

Gavvmg held his temper and Horse took it with typical docility, but Alfin was still protesting as they broke through into sunlight.