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Alfi (car manufacturer)

The Alfi was a German automobile built in Berlin by an electrical company between 1921 and 1924.

The same company had been responsible for the AAA (Aktiengesellschaft für Akkumulatoren und Automobilbau) electric cars and vans which were supplied in large numbers to the German Post Office. In 1922 when they decided to move to engine driven cars they changed their name to Alfi, derived from the owners name Alex Fisher.

The first Alfi model had a flat-twin engine. This was followed by a side valve inline-four engine manufactured by Steudel of Kamenz in Saxony. Next came an inline four of built by Atos of Berlin.

A new Alfi company, Alfi Automobile GmbH was formed in 1927, also by Alex Fisher. This time the cars and vans were three-wheelers powered by DKW engines driving the single front wheel. These could be turned 180 degrees to propel the car backward. An additional four-wheeled model, the 4-wheeled Alfi Sport, had a 2/10PS engine, was bodied as an open or coupe two-seater, and was produced in small numbers. The company closed in 1928.

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Alfi (disambiguation)

Alfi or ALFI may refer to:

  • Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry
  • Alfi (car manufacturer), a defunct German motor vehicle manufacturer
  • Alfi's Syndrome or Monosomy 9p, a rare chromosomal disorder