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Aley ( Arabic: عاليه) is a city in Lebanon. It is located 17 km uphill from Beirut on the Freeway that leads to Damascus. It is also the capital of the Aley District and fourth largest city and one of the most important cities in Lebanon. Aley earns the nickname 'Bride of the Summer' (عروس المصايف) due to its importance in Tourism. It earns also many other nicknames like 'The capital of the Mountains' (عاصمة الجبل) and the Lebanese 'City of Fog' (مدينة الضباب) due to its foggy weather even in the summer.

Aley (disambiguation)

Aley is a city in Lebanon

It may also refer to:

  • Aley, Somerset - a village in England, United Kingdom
  • Aley, Texas - a village in Texas, United States
  • Aley District - a district in Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
  • Aley River - a river in Russia

Usage examples of "aley".

And anybody who would hire Aley Aalstrom to make their tough sales for them did not have much market appeal.

The only good piece of advice I had gotten from anybody had come from Aley Aalstrom.

I was just about to tell the general exactly what I thought about Aley and anybody who would employ him, when he stood up.

The one of her and Aley holding hands on the beach was beyond pornography.

If Corry was hooked up to Aley, and Aley was hooked up to Hunt, even I could figure out that Hunt had been in on all this at least since Corry hooked up with Em.

Or was it just supposed to be a miracle meeting on the streets of Washington, Em and his old Army acquaintance Aley Aalstrom?

I could not get a constant fix on how much anybody really knew, but Corry seemed to know more of whatever there was to know than Aley did.

What Aley lacks in table manners, he makes up for in his knowledge of international banking.

Tomorrow evening, at eighteen hundred hours, Corry--or Karen, or whatever her name is--she and I will link up with Aley in Union Station.

Because she needed to link up with Aley, to lay out a different set of lies.

I had told Aley to meet me in the store that sold the Disney paraphernalia.

In their different ways, the French, Aley and Corry, and Faust and Gabrielli and Rob Burns had been set to blow the deal.

Lastly, I wish to express my profoundest gratitude to Ruth Aley, who first saw the book in the manuscript.

And when she tried to pull you into bed-was He sagged against the aley wall, shaking with laughter.

He said the Druse took their dead away and then carved them up to make it look like the Maronites did it and then the Druse brought the chopped-up bodies to Aley to stir up their own people.