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Alexi is a given name that is a variant or nickname of Alexander or Alexandra. It can refer to:

  • Alexi Laiho (born 1979), full name Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho, Finnish singer, composer, and guitarist
  • Alexi Lalas (born 1970), American soccer player
  • Alexi Murdoch, London-born singer-songwwriter
  • Alexi Giannoulias (born 1976), full name Alexander Giannoulias, American politician
  • Alexi Casilla (born 1984), full name Alexi Casilla Lora, American baseball player
  • Alexi Grewal (born 1960), Indian-American road racing cyclist
  • Alexi Ogando (born 1983), American baseball player
  • Alexi Zentner, Canadian-American author
  • Alexi Inauri (1908 – 1993), Soviet Georgian commander who headed the Georgian KGB
  • Alexi Kaye Campbell, Greek-American playwright and actor
  • Alexi Ivanov (1922 – 1997), Bulgarian politician
  • Alexi Spann (born 1986), American swimmer
  • Alexi Panos, Greek-American television presenter, actress, model, author, producer