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Alette is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France.

Usage examples of "alette".

Susanna the next morning went in to Alette, to inquire how she had slept and so on, she found Harald already with his sister, and around her were outspread the linen, the neckerchiefs, the pocket-handkerchiefs, the tablecloths, etc.

Astrid felt her influence, and remained in the evenings with the rest, and took part in the conversation, which Alette knew how to make interesting.

She drew Alette to her with a kind of vehemence, kissed her, and then wept silently, leaning on her shoulder.

The happy Alette won without trouble, perhaps even without much valuing it, a regard, an approval, which Susanna would have purchased with her life.

She rose hastily, and after she had begged an acquaintance to tell Alette and Harald that a mere headache compelled her to leave the dance, she hurried by the wood-path back to Semb.

A certain bitterness both towards him and Alette was rooted into her heart.

And Alf went to his Alette, who looked inquiringly and uneasily at him.

They made no difference between me and their own child, and Alette became to me the tenderest and best of sisters.

When he had attended the marriage of Alette, he had travelled abroad, but would, in the course of the summer, return to Semb, where he would settle down, in order to live for the beloved relative whom he had again discovered.

He came out of his house with a small Airedale pup which had been the merry playmate of Alette and Yvonne.