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Common names: advanced snakes.

The Alethinophidia are an infraorder of snakes that includes all snakes other than blind snakes and thread snakes. Currently, 15 families are recognized, including 9 subfamilies and 316 genera.

  • Family: Acrochordidae Bonaparte, 1831—wart snakes
  • Family: Aniliidae Stejneger, 1907—false coral snakes
  • Family: Anomochilidae Cundall, Wallach and Rossman, 1993—dwarf pipe snakes
  • Family: Atractaspididae Günther, 1858—African burrowing asps, stiletto snakes
  • Family: Boidae Gray, 1825—boas
    • Subfamily: Boinae Gray, 1825—boas
    • Subfamily: Erycinae Bonaparte, 1831—Old World sand boas
  • Family: † Madtsoiidae Hoffstetter, 1961
  • Family: Bolyeriidae Hoffstetter, 1946—Mauritius snakes
  • Family: Colubridae Oppel, 1811—colubrids, typical snakes
    • Subfamily: Homalopsinae Günther, 1864
    • Subfamily: Natricinae Bonaparte, 1838
    • Subfamily: Xenodontinae Cope, 1895
  • Family: Cylindrophiidae Fitzinger, 1843—Asian pipe snakes
  • Family: Elapidae F. Boie, 1827—Cobras, coral snakes, mambas, taipans, and sea snakes
  • Family: Loxocemidae Cope, 1861—Mexican pythons
  • Family: Pythonidae Fitzinger, 1826—pythons
  • Family: Tropidophiidae Brongersma, 1951—dwarf boas
  • Family: Uropeltidae Müller, 1832—pipe snakes, shield-tailed snakes
  • Family: Viperidae Oppel, 1811—vipers, pitvipers
    • Subfamily: Azemiopinae Liem, Marx and Rabb, 1971—Fae's viper
    • Subfamily: Causinae Cope, 1859—night adders
    • Subfamily: Crotalinae Oppel, 1811—pitvipers, rattlesnakes
    • Subfamily: Viperinae Oppel, 1811—common vipers, true vipers
  • Family: Xenopeltidae Bonaparte, 1845—sunbeam snakes
  • Family: † Nigerophiidae
  • Family: † Palaeophiidae