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Aletheia ( Ancient Greek: ) is truth or disclosure in philosophy. It was used in Ancient Greek philosophy and revived in the 20th century by Martin Heidegger.

It is a Greek word variously translated as "unclosedness", "unconcealedness", " disclosure" or " truth". The literal meaning of the word is "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." It also means factuality or reality.

Aletheia (disambiguation)

Aletheia () is a Greek word literally translated as "truth".

Aletheia may refer to:

  • Aletheia, truth or disclosure in philosophy
  • Aletheia (mythology), the Greek personification of Truth
  • Aletheia University, a university in Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan
  • 259 Aletheia, a large asteroid
Aletheia (album)

Aletheia is the second studio album from Hope for the Dying. Facedown Records released the album on March 19, 2013. Hope for the Dying worked with Joshua Barber, in the production of this album.