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Alethe is a genus of small mainly insectivorous birds in the Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae that occur in West Africa. The genus was previously placed in the thrush family Turdidae but in 2010 two separate molecular phylogenetic studies found that species in the genus were more closely related to members of the Old World flycatcher family.

The genus contains two species:

  • White-tailed alethe, Alethe diademata
  • Fire-crested alethe, Alethe castanea

Usage examples of "alethe".

Ten years ago, the Kyser had sent Dreslin to see to the establishment of farms and a colony between the Dwyssel River and the Alethe Stream.

Ilioneus was her chief: Alethes old, Achates faithful, Abas young and bold, Endur'd not less.