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Alesa is also a feminine given name meaning "great happiness."

Alesa is a New World ( Neotropic ecozone) genus of metalmark butterflies found in northern South America.

This genus is distinguished by a vast sexual dimorphism receding somewhat only in one species. The body is slender, the head is broad and slanting,with a flat forehead and closely appressed short palpi. The antennae are very long, only slightly thickened at their ends. The abdomen is long, in the male thin, in the female stout, but likewise stretched. The forewings are long with a very oblique distal margin. The hindwings are round, especially in the female. Cells of all the wings closed, the upper radial originates with the 3rd subcostal vein from the same place. Colouring of the females earthy brown, that of the males varying, but with a metallic lustre.