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n. (plural of alert English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: alert)

Usage examples of "alerts".

Two general alerts were coming from the central computer with high priority codes.

John had been moving steadily since then, working Claudius to locate a new source of RDX, but was now anxious to read the alerts that had been written about him in the ATF and FBI bulletins.

He knew that his little stunt at the library would not place him on the Ten Most Wanted List, but he expected that field offices around the country would be buzzing with alerts.

I do not want that you suffer no damage continued I gave c iendo Zack, and she will not undergo it, in as much she does not do anything that calls the attention towards me or who alerts to the police… In which case it interrupted Julie with bitterness, leaving his critical moment, will jump the cover to me of the sesos with his pistol.

She remembered the words of his kidnapper: "I have the keys of the car and in this mountain there are no other houses… If you try to flee on foot, you will die congealed… The bolts of the doors can be opened with facility… You can moverte with freedom by the house… " Simply relájate said Julie aloud, but then it was rested and completely it alerts, and by their mind possible routes of escape hurried, no of which was nor remotely feasible.

The daily facts of life in an AA battery, such as semi-serious disciplinary drill, tedious practice alerts, or greasy-messy rifle cleaning, were disposed of with an expression overheard from the tech sergeant: "After all, the essence of being-there is its existence.

         During Harry's term of service in the Kaiserhafen battery, there were only two air-raid alerts.

She complained incomprehensibly about the terrorism alerts: "Why did Ashcroft insist on issuing the alerts?

There were Scud alerts, so everybody was rather keen to relearn the NEC (nuclear, biological, chemical) drills they had not practiced since being in their old units.

Our beauty sleep had been ruined by another two Scud alerts during the night.

Science alerts us to the perils introduced by our world-altering technologies, especially to the global environment on which our lives depend.

The Air Force investigators, rummaging comprehensively through the secret files of 1947, found no evidence of heightened message traffic: There were no indications and warnings, notice of alerts, or a higher tempo of operational activity reported that would be logically generated if an alien craft, whose intentions were unknown, entered U.

On this world too, as on all the homeworlds now, there were frequent practice alerts.

Standing on Uhao's surface and looking up, during one of the scheduled practice alerts, one saw, in what should have been broad daylight, much the same scene as one would have seen on Earth: A sky dun-colored and dimmed with defensive barriers.