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Ålen is a village and a former municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The village is the administrative centre of the municipality of Holtålen. The former municipality encompassed the southeastern half of the present-day municipality of Holtålen.

The village of Ålen is located along the Gaula River and the Rørosbanen railway line. It is about southeast of the village of Haltdalen. The village is just northwest of the village of Renbygda. On the east side of the village is Ålen Church.

Alen (given name)

Alen is a Bosniak and Croatian given name and may refer to:

  • Alen Avdić (born 1977), Bosnian football player
  • Alen Bajkusa (born 1971), soccer player
  • Alen Bokšić (born 1970), former football striker
  • Alen Floričić (born 1968), modern Croatian artist
  • Alen Islamović (born 1957), Bosniak singer
  • Alen Lončar (born 1974), Croatian freestyle swimmer
  • Alen Marcina (born 1979), Canadian footballer
  • Alen Mujanovič (born 1976), Slovenian footballer
  • Alen Muratović (born 1979), Montenegrin handball player
  • Alen Orman (born 1978), Bosnian-Austrian footballer
  • Alen Peternac (born 1972), Croatian football striker
  • Alen Pol Kobryn (born 1949), American poet and novelist
  • Alen Škoro (born 1981), Bosnian footballer
  • Alen Stevanović (born 1991) Serbian footballer
  • Alen Stajcic (born 1973), former semi-professional football player
Alen (unit of length)

Alen or aln is a traditional Scandinavian unit of distance similar to the north German elle: roughly 60 centimeters. The Danish alen, also used in Norway, was equal to 62.77 centimeters (2 Danishfod). The Swedish aln was 59.38 centimeters.


Alen may refer to:

  • Alen (unit of length), or Aln, a traditional Scandinavian unit of distance
  • Alen (given name), a Bosniak and Croatian given name
  • Alen (Indonesia), a place in Indonesia
Alén (name)

Alén is both a given name and a surname. Notable people of the name include the following: