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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alem \Al"em\, n. [Turk. 'alem, fr. Ar. 'alam.] (Mil.) The imperial standard of the Turkish Empire.


Ålem is a locality situated in Mönsterås Municipality, Kalmar County, Sweden with 803 inhabitants in 2010.


Além (in English, Beyond) is a Portuguese hamlet located in the parish of Balasar, Póvoa de Varzim with 116 inhabitants (census of 2001).

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Alem (disambiguation)

Alem may refer to:

  • Alem (name), both a surname and a given name
  • Alem, a town in the Dutch province of Gelderland
  • Ålem, a locality in Kalmar county, Sweden
  • Além, a village in the Portuguese province of Norte
  • Alem (Ferris wheel), at Alem Cultural and Entertainment Center, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  • Alem (finial), the decorative pole-top of an Ottoman military standard
Alem (name)

Alem is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Leandro Alem, Argentine politician
  • Raja'a Alem, Saudi Arabian novelist

Given name:

  • Alem Marr, American politician
  • Alem Mujaković, Slovenian footballer
  • Telmo Além da Silva, Brazilian footballer
  • Alem Zewde Tessema, Ethiopian military figure
Alem (finial)

An Alem is a type of metal finial. Although the terms used are somewhat fluid, in Ottoman Turkish, the word alem means a military banner consisting of a tall pole (sap) with a silk flag or banner (sancak) topped by a metal finial (saifa). In modern Turkish, sancak can apply to the whole standard and not simply the fabric of the banner. The word alem came to be applied to the decoration at the top of the flagpole. The central Asian tugh with yak or horse hair (instead of a flag) can also be topped by an alem.

One or more metal protective cases or boxes (muhafazas) - often octagonal - containing a diminutive copy of the Qu'ran were attached below the alem by a cord or chain.

After the rise of Islam (and especially after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453) the word alem also came to be applied to the architectural device which caps a minaret, dome of a mosque or minber (pulpit). It may incorporate an Islamic emblem of the crescent (with star), a tulip or other shape.

Miniatures from the Seljuk era show gilded finials on top of tentpoles.

Usage examples of "alem".

When Alem was growing up, his parents were always fighting and his mother would go off and stay with her family and it would be just Alem and his brother and sister and their father.

He names a fourth of what Alem and I will pay for rent for a month in our new flat.

I watch for hours, until finally, around dinnertime, Alem comes back with a dinner of shaslik.

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem, was the child of the current partnership -- although the biological child of which woman, I never discovered -- and that he was dying of cancer.

Their tripartner, Alem Mikail Dem Alem, had come in to sit on the adobe windowsill.

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem will be entitled to full medical care at the Pax base at Bombasino.

Alem Mikail Dem Alem got up from the window ledge and came over to kneel between the two women.

At that moment, the man of the household -- young Alem Mikail Dem Alem -- came in with Dem Loa.

I started at the sight -- children and weapons was a mix I learned to avoid even when I was a child myself, learning to handle power weapons while our caravan rumbled its way across the Hyperion moors -- but Alem smiled and took the pistol from the boy, patting him on the back.

I had just finished wiggling into my boots and securing my vest when Alem handed me the flechette pistol.

We were a strange procession -- Dem Ria and Dem Loa sweeping down the steep staircase ahead of me, then me carrying the flechette pistol and fumbling the rucksack on my back, then little Bin followed by his sister, Ces Ambre, then, carefully locking the trapdoor behind him, Alem Mikail Dem Alem.

We were all in red robes now, Alem Mikail being the last to pull his on.

I offered the flechette pistol to Alem but he gestured for me to keep it and showed me how to tuck it in one of the multiple sashes of the long, crimson robe.

I listened to footsteps on stone as Alem went up front and crawled onto one of the two pedaling saddles.

We covered the six kilometers in ten minutes and turned off the saltway onto a paved ramp that led through a cluster of homes -- white stone this time, not adobe -- and then Alem and the other man furled the sail and pedaled the windcycle slowly along the cobblestone street that ran between the homes and the canal-river.