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n. (alternative form of aleph English)


Alef may refer to:

Alef (programming language)

Alef is a discontinued concurrent programming language, designed as part of the Plan 9 operating system by Phil Winterbottom of Bell Labs. It implemented the channel-based concurrency model of Newsqueak in a compiled, C-like language.

Alef (magazine)

Alef is a bimonthly culture magazine published in English and Arabic in Doha, Qatar.

Alef (footballer)

Alef dos Santos Saldanha (born 28 January 1995) is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Braga as a midfielder.

Usage examples of "alef".

Harkoav to Alef Resh Shloshah, or AR3, since HG, or Heh Gemel, is the star system our sun belongs to.

At any rate, it seems there has been suspicion cast on my little sister concerning the deaths of Lord Alef Drake and a commoner named Jisha Teal, last year at about this time.

Thus, Hebrew writer Shmuel Yosef Agnon is in among the A’s alongside Aharon Appelfeld even though the Nobelist’s last name begins with an ayin and the novelist’s name begins with an alef.