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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

n. 1 An anchovy or herring, especially pickled or dried 2 A sauce made from alecs (see alec sauce)


Alec or Aleck is a form of Alex, a given name related to Alexander. Notable people with the name include:

Usage examples of "alec".

And when he offers to take on Alec as his apprentice, things may never be the same for either of them.

Soon Alec is traveling roads he never knew existed, toward a war he never suspected was brewing.

Chained again in his corner of the drafry t Vcell, Alec turned his face to the rough stone wall and sobbed until his chest ached.

Dragging him to the wall opposite Alec, they manacled him hand and foot.

Too exhausted and miserable to attempt idle conversation, Alec pressed into his corner without reply.

From across the cell Alec heard the soft, sickening snap of joints separating.

The garment was filthy and soaked with blood at the neck, but Alec obeyed quickly, pulling it on with a shudder of revulsion.

With a quick motion he indicated that Alec should cross the doorway quickly and quietly.

Waiting until their attention was focused on the next toss, Alec slipped across to the other side.

Halting at last, Rolan opened a narrow door and disappeared into the darkness beyond, whispering for Alec to watch his step just in time to save the boy from tumbling down more stairs that descended less than a pace from the door.

Distracted, the sentry made a clumsy parry and Alec sprang under his guard with a savage swing.

Dropping the ax, Alec dashed to the gate, heaved the heavy bar out of its brackets, and pushed the doors wide.

They sat in silence, and after a moment Alec realized that they must be waiting for something.

Two riders ventured down the track, passing within ten yards of where Rolan and Alec stood holding their breath.

Waiting until all was quiet, Rolan mounted in front of Alec and handed him back the cloak.