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Alde may refer to:

  • Alde Mudflats, a reserve in Suffolk, England
  • River Alde, a river in Suffolk, England
  • Alde Valley School, a school in Leiston, Suffolk, England

Usage examples of "alde".

The memory of the need in him struck like an arrow, a need deeper than his love for Alde, a wordless yearning so deeply buried he had never sensed its loss in all his aimless life.

He lighted and threw a polyhedron of milky light to Rudy, ignited another and tossed it to Alde , then passed a third to the red-haired girl.

He lighted and threw a polyhedron of milky light to Rudy, ignited another and tossed it to Alde, then passed a third to the red-haired girl.

Sometimes he seemed preoccupied with the white polyhedrons, stacking and unstacking the dozen or so Alde kept in her room, examining them for hours in fascination.

He saw Alde stop by the foot of the stairs and take a torch from its holder.

Rudy handed Alde his torch and stepped down to it, his soul shrinking from the trap of that narrow niche, and used his sword to cut the ribbons that bound the great lead seals to the iron.

As if reminded of their danger, Alde slipped from his grasp, her hand going to the door to close it.

But he gave her his perceptions of it, perhaps more informative than political theory, and Alde listened gravely, her arms wrapped around her drawn-up knees.

Rudy saw Alde seated in the front of one of the carts there, muffled in black fur, her eyes peeking from the shadows of her streaming hood.

As an American, and not a particularly well-informed one at that, Rudy had expected the subjects of a monarchy to fear and resent those who had such absolute power over them, and it surprised him to see the reverence in which they held Alde and Tir.

For the rest, her mere presence lent them a respectability without which Alde would not have been able to see him at all.

Medda had reminded Alde of her station in life and had had the words thrown back in her face.

So they drank the spiced wine Alde had brought and spoke of everything and nothing, of their childhoods and their past lives, trading memories like a couple of children trading marbles.

Behind him Alde gathered sticks together and made a competent little arrangement of them, with dead leaves and twigs for tinder, working swiftly, without display of the fear that must have been screaming inside her.

From far off, he could see Alde press her knuckles to white lips, all the while without a sound.