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ALD, Ald or ald may refer to:

Ald (unit)

Ald is an old Mongolian measure equal to the length between a man's outstretched arms. An ald is therefore approximately equal to 160 cm.

Usage examples of "ald".

MacDonald got out his tape measure and discovered that the damned things were more than two feet long.

They reached the junction to the road, but MacDonald followed the signs even though the foliage was thinning and those signs were getting fewer and fewer and walked up towards the glen.

MacDonald examined the massive stone carefully, checking all the points where it intersected the ground.

Gregory MacDonald felt quite at ease in what he always thought of as his Sherlock Holmes disguise, but it had been a long time since he'd had any chance to use it on a real crime.

MacDonald enjoyed his job, but he hadn't expected to be on or near Allenby again for some time.

This was really more up Ross's alley than Red's and more in the security force's jurisdiction, and that fact bothered MacDonald.

Clearly Ross was simmering at being essentially second to MacDonald, whom he hadn't liked since the company man had taken a small team and penetrated all the way to the Lodge almost a year earlier.

MacDonald didn't trust them, either, for it was never clear from whom their orders came or even from what branch of whose security forces.

The Institute itself never failed to impress MacDonald, although it was neither pretty nor natural-looking.

MacDonald went immediately to the building just to the right of the Lodge and then back to the small but efficient hospital area.

Only one man might notice, and he was certainly high on MacDonald's suspect list.

Although he'd seen hundreds of corpses, including strangulations and mutilations, in his career, MacDonald felt his breakfast in his throat.

MacDonald, who was less formally dressed and far more comfortable, having not brought a suit or tie or anything resembling them when pulled to the island, nodded.

MacDonald was there at her request, and feeling a bit uncomfortable because of that.

Byrne, the Institute's director, and Company Investigator MacDonald, who is in charge of our own inquiry into the facts of your father's death and is a fellow Canadian, I might add.