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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alcaid \Al*caid"\, Alcayde \Al*cayde"\, n. [Sp. alcaide, fr. Ar. al-q[=a][=i]d governor, fr. q[=a]da to lead, govern.]

  1. A commander of a castle or fortress among the Spaniards, Portuguese, and Moors.

  2. The warden, or keeper of a jail. [1913 Webster] ||


Alcayde \Al*cayde"\ ([a^]l*k[=a]d"), n. Same as Alcaid. [1913 Webster] ||


n. (alternative form of alcaide English)

Usage examples of "alcayde".

This transaction was succeeded by another injurious affront offered by the governor or alcayde of Tetuan to Mr.