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Alcalá (Spanish), Alcalà (Catalan), Alcala and the derivative Arcala are all transliterations of the Arabic word al-qal'a (القلعة), meaning "the citadel" or "fortification". Alcalá, Alcalà or Alcala may also refer to:

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Alcalá (surname)

Alcalá and Alcala (lacking diacritical marks) are surnames shared by several notable people:

  • Macedonio Alcalá (1831–1869), Mexican violinist, pianist and songwriter
  • Félix Enríquez Alcalá (born 1951), American television and movie director, cinematographer and producer
  • Kathleen Alcalá (born 1954), American author
  • Luis Espinosa-Alcalá (1932-2009), Mexican poet, songwriter, and music promoter.
  • Raúl Alcalá (born 1964), Mexican professional and Olympic road racing cyclist
  • Blanca Alcalá (living), Mexican local politician
  • Niceto Alcalá-Zamora, president of Spain between 1931 and 1936
  • Alfredo Alcala (1925-2000), Filipino comic book artist
  • Larry Alcala (1926–2002), Philippine cartoonist and illustrator
  • Nilo Alcala (born 1978), Philippine composer and chorister
  • Joshua Alcala (born 1984), American footballer
  • Dora Alcala (living), American local politician
  • Carlos Alcala, Lawyer and Living Hispanic Rights Activist
  • Santo Alcala (born 1952), Dominican baseball player playing in Canada
  • Rodney James Alcala (born August 23, 1943), Convicted rapist and serial killer.
Alcalá (Tomina)

Alcalá (Tomina) is a town in Bolivia. In 2010 it had an estimated population of 1094.