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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alcaic \Al*ca"ic\,

  1. [L. Alca["i]cus, Gr. ?.] Pertaining to Alc[ae]us, a lyric poet of Mitylene, about 6000

  2. -- n. A kind of verse, so called from Alc[ae]us. One variety consists of five feet, a spondee or iambic, an iambic, a long syllable, and two dactyls. [1913 Webster] ||


a. pertaining to, a Greek lyric poet of around 600BC; especially, of a verse meter in a four-line stanza which he supposedly invented n. (context in the plural English) alcaic verses

Usage examples of "alcaic".

Robert succeeded in soothing him -- and the poor old lion is very quiet on the whole, roaring softly, to beguile the time, in Latin alcaics against his wife and Louis Napoleon.

Whig, and it is ten to one if the talk turn not upon the turning of alcaics, or the contest between blank verse or rhyme.

Ernest says that if the exercise was any better than usual it must have been by a fluke, for he is sure that he always liked dogs, especially St Bernard dogs, far too much to take any pleasure in writing Alcaics about them.

Alcaic, also in tetrameter, consists of two dactylic feet followed by two iambic feet.

Alcaics and Hendecasyllables had appeared in the interval, and had suggested to me the new principle on which I was to go to work.

Before his twenty-fifth birthday he has written: Ten books of lyrics, panegyrics, and pastorals, mostly in hexameters but also some hendeca-syllabics and many Sapphics, Alcaics.