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Alcachofa (album)

Alcachofa ( Spanish: Artichoke) is the first studio album released by Chilean- German producer Ricardo Villalobos on the German house label Playhouse on September 19, 2003. The vinyl edition contains an alternative track listing, as "What You Say Is More Than I Can Say" was already released in its full version on the EP Halma. "La Raja", "Quizás" and "Fusion the Enemies" remain exclusive to vinyl, while "Waiworinao" and "Fools Garden" were later released on vinyl as part of the EP Alcachofa Tools. "Y.G.H." remains exclusive to the CD pressing.

Miss Kittin performed "Dexter" live at the Sónar festival and included it on her album Live at Sónar. Miss Kittin also used "Easy Lee (Cassy Lee Mix)" on her mix album A Bugged Out Mix.


Alcachofa may refer to:

  • The Spanish word for Artichoke
  • Alcachofa (album), an album by Ricardo Villalobos