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n. (given name male from=Latin)

Albin, WY -- U.S. town in Wyoming
Population (2000): 120
Housing Units (2000): 70
Land area (2000): 0.141083 sq. miles (0.365403 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.141083 sq. miles (0.365403 sq. km)
FIPS code: 00825
Located within: Wyoming (WY), FIPS 56
Location: 41.417082 N, 104.100166 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 82050
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Albin, WY

Albin may refer to:

Albin (given name)

Albin (AHL-been) is a masculine Polish, Scandinavian, and Slovenian given name, from the Roman cognate Albinus, derived from the Latin albus, meaning "white" or "bright". This name may also be a last name. In Estonia, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden March 1 is Albin's Name day. There are variant spellings, including Albinas, a male given name in Lithuania; Aubin, a French masculine given name; and Albina, an Ancient Roman, Czech, Galician, Italian, Polish, Slovak, and Slovenian feminine given name. Albin is uncommon as a surname. People with the given name Albin include:

  • Albin Ivan Roger Forsberg, a Swedish professional twerk dancer
  • Albin of Brechin (d. 1269), a Scottish bishop
  • Albín Brunovský (1935–1997), a Slovak painter, graphic artist, lithographer, illustrator and pedagogue
  • Albin Dunajewski (1817–1894), a Polish political activist and Bishop of Kraków
  • Albin Ebondo (b. 1984), a French footballer
  • Albin Egger-Lienz (1868–1926), an Austrian painter
  • Albin Ekdal (b. 1989), Swedish attacking midfielder
  • Albin Eser (b. 1935), German jurist and an ad litem judge
  • Albin Grau (d. 1942), artist, architect and occultist, and the producer and production designer for F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu"
  • Albin Gutman (b. 1947), Slovenian general, who is currently Chief of the Generalstaff of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Albin Haller (1849–1925), French chemist
  • Albin Julius (b. 1967), Austrian martial music and industrial artist
  • Albin Killat (b. 1961), German diver
  • Albin Kitzinger (1912–1970), German footballer
  • Albin Köbis (1892–1917), German sailor
  • Albin Kurti (b. 1975), Kosovo activist
  • Albin Lermusiaux (1874–1940), French, Olympic shooter
  • Albin Polasek (b. 1965), Czech-American sculptor and educator
  • Albin Provosty (1865-1932), American politician
  • Albin W. Norblad (1939–2014), American judge
  • Albin Nyamoya (1924–2001), Prime Minister of Burundi
  • Albin Roussin (1781–1854), French admiral and statesman
  • Albin F. Schoepf (1822–1886), Polish-born military officer who became a Union brigadier general during the American Civil War
  • Albin Schram (1926–2005) Czech, one of the greatest collectors of autograph letters by shapers of world history
  • Albin Starc (b. 1916), Croatian World War II pilot
  • Albin Stenroos (1889–1971), Finnish, Olympic winner of the marathon race
  • Albin Ström (1892–1962), Swedish socialist politician
  • Albin Sandqvist, Swedish electronic and dance pop singer known by mononym Albin. Also part of Swedish pop band Star Pilots
  • Albin Vidović (b. 1943), Croatian, Olympic handballer
  • Albin Zollinger (1895–1941), Swiss writer
Albin (surname)

Albin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adolf Albin, a Romanian chess player
  • Eleazar Albin (1680–1742), English naturalist
  • Juan Angel Albín (born 1986), football midfielder from Uruguay
  • Peter S. Albin (1934–2008), American economist

Usage examples of "albin".

Albin, Archbishop of Cambrai, who spent all the revenues of his see on her.

In the name of all the kings of Albin, who have ye closeted with you in that wooden tower that seemeth so bloody-minded?

I recollect having seen in the Scots Magazine, several years ago, a poem upon a similar tale, perhaps the same, translated from the Erse, or Irish, called Albin and the Daughter of Mey.

Albin Larsen called me yesterday, said it was okay to rent out the bottom floor.

Albin said, and drew back his gun hand as if to hammer Rudi with his revolver butt.

Albin leaned in close, his eyes brighter than Rudi could remember ever having seen them.

The shouter was Rudi Bergmonk, and the target of his ire, Albin, was just hanging up the talk-box.

That asshole Albin gave us a sob story about books and we told him we'd find the funds just to shut him up, but to be honest, there are several more important items we could be spending the money on.