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n. (surname from=given names dot=) derived from the given name Albert.


Alberts may refer to:

  • Alberts (name), a given name and surname
  • The Alberts, a British musical comedy troupe
Alberts (name)

Alberts is an English language patronymic surname, from the given name Albert prefix, of Germanic origin, meaning "noble-bright". Alberts is also a Latvian given name. People with the name Alberts or its variant spellings include:

Usage examples of "alberts".

The mounted troops who were despatched under Major Leader failed in this enterprise, but they found and overwhelmed the laager of Sarel Alberts, capturing 132 prisoners.

He was accompanied by a Professor Alberts from the base and the crew of the UNSA survey vehicle.

The third crew member, a corporal who was to accompany Hunt and Alberts outside and who was already fitted out, was helping the professor secure his helmet.

It was found, however, that Alberts's commando was camped at the farm, and that the Bays were in the presence of a very superior force of the enemy.

The force under General Alberts was a considerable one, not fewer than six hundred rifles, so that the action at Holspruit is one which adds another name of honour to the battle-roll of the Bays.

David Alberts of NDU whose intelligence, enthusiasm, and wisdom, as well as his full support, have been invaluable and without which this project would have been far less productive.