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Albe \Al`be"\, Albee \Al`bee"\, conj. [See Albeit.] Although; albeit. [Obs.]

Albe Clarissa were their chiefest founderess.
--Spenser. [1913 Webster] ||


conj. (context obsolete English) although; despite the fact that. n. (obsolete form of alb English)


Albé ( German: Erlenbach) is a commune in the Bas Rhin département in Alsace in north-astern France.

It is located northeast of Villé, on the left bank of the river Giessen close to the valley of Erlenbach, from which it derives its name. To the North and West it is bounded by mountains leading to the communes of Hohwald and Breitenbach. To the East is the peak of Ungersberg. Numerous streams flow from this mounting and the buttresses of the Champ du Feu to the north, which merge to form the brook of the Erlenberg. This river formerly flowed down the main street of the village, but has now been covered. The village is at approximately altitude.

Until 1867 the village was known by its German name Erlenbach (in a number of variations) (In romance languages Erlen shortens to 'Al' and bach becomes ba and thence ). The name Albé was formally adopted in 1919.

Under Louis XIV it was awarded a coat of arms emblazoned "Azure, three chevrons Argent". The Azure perhaps suggests the river and the three chevrons a narrow boxed valley.


Albe may refer to:

  • Albé, a commune in France
  • Massa d'Albe, a comune in Italy
    • Albe (Massa d'Albe), a frazione in Italy
  • Elbling, a grape variety also known as Albe
Albe (Massa d'Albe)

Albe (Massa d'Albe) is a frazione in the Province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Category:Frazioni of the Province of L'Aquila

Usage examples of "albe".

Clerkships like the one Albe Cytel had held were as jealously guarded as any guild apprenticeship, and for the same reasons: their holders had an advantage over the hundreds of others who tried to make their living in the trade, and that advantage could be passed from mother to child.

Rathe guessed that the youngest, a fair-haired, ruddy-skinned boy, was the missing Albe Cytel.