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Albano may refer to:

Albano (footballer)

Albano Narciso Pereira (21 December 1922 – 5 March 1990), known simply as Albano, was a Portuguese footballer who played as a forward.

Albano (river)

The Albano is a stream (or torrente) of Lombardy, Italy which flows through the province of Como. It rises from the Bocchetta di Sommafiume, in the commune of Germasino and runs eastwards through the Albano valley entering Lake Como at Dongo. Between the communes of Germasino and Dongo Albano passes through Garzeno.

The most common fish are brown trout (both Salmo trutta morpha fario and S. trutta morpha lacustris), rainbow trout, and chub. The fauna supported by the stream also include amphibians such as the fire salamander, and insects such as stream mayflies.

Albano (Stockholm)

Albano is an area in Stockholm which has been known as an industrial area during the 20th Century but is now being incorporated in the Stockholm University campus.

Albano used to have a railway station at Värtabanan with a connection to Roslagsbanan.

Albano (name)

Albano is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Albano (footballer) (1922-1990), Albano Narciso Pereira, Portuguese footballer
  • Albano Bizzarri (born 1977), Argentine footballer
  • Albano Carrisi, Italian singer with the stage name Albano or Al Bano
  • Albano Harguindeguy (born 1927), Argentine army general and Interior Minister
  • Albano Pera (born 1950), Italian sports shooter


  • Albanus Albano, a pen name of Pashko Vasa (1825-1892), Albanian writer and poet and Governor General of Lebanon
  • Elías Fernández y Albano (1845-1910), Chilean politician, briefly acting president of Chile
  • Francesco Albani or Albano (1578-1660), Italian Baroque painter
  • Leandro Albano (born 1992), Portuguese footballer
  • Lou Albano (1933-2009), professional wrestler
  • Michael Albano, American politician
  • Nelson Albano (born 1954), American politician
  • Pablo Albano (born 1967), Argentine retired tennis player
  • Silvia Albano (born 1994), Italian tennis player