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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alb \Alb\, n. [OE. albe, LL. alba, fr. L. albus white. Cf. Album and Aube.] A vestment of white linen, reaching to the feet, an enveloping the person; -- in the Roman Catholic church, worn by those in holy orders when officiating at mass. It was formerly worn, at least by clerics, in daily life.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English albe, from Late Latin alba (in tunica alba or vestis alba "white vestment"), fem. of albus "white," from PIE root *albho- "white" (cognates: Greek alphos "white leprosy," alphiton "barley meal;" Old High German albiz, Old English elfet "swan," literally "the white bird;" Old Church Slavonic and Russian lebedi, Polish łabędź "swan;" Hittite alpash "cloud").


n. A long white robe worn by priests and other ministers at religious ceremonies, underneath most of the other vestments.


n. a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves; worn by priests


An Alb is a liturgical vestment

ALB, Alb or alb may also refer to:

Alb (Upper Rhine)

The Alb is a river in the Northern Black Forest in Germany. It is a tributary of the Rhine, and flows through the cities of Karlsruhe, Ettlingen and Bad Herrenalb.

Alb (High Rhine)

The Alb is a river in the Black Forest. It arises from two headwaters, the Menzenschwander Alb and Bernauer Alb and flows in a southerly direction. It ends after at a confluence with the High Rhine at Albbruck.

ALB (musician)

thumb|Elektricity, 2014 Clément Daquin known by his stage name ALB is a French electropop musician from Reims, France and is signed to Rise Recordings.

ALB started under that name in 2006 and his original releases were the EP CV 209 in 2006 and the studio album Mange-disque released in 2007 that included "CV 209" as a track. The album Mange-disque was marketed in an orange unique packaging designed by designer and Clément Daquin's girlfriend Emilie Vast. It was fashioned after the retro 45rpm record player called "Univox Mange-Disque" from the 1970s. Each of the songs on the album had its cover art as well.

The EP I Beg for a Summer was released on 6 June 2011. ALB's most famous hit was "Golden Chains" featuring the French band The Shoes, taken from the I Beg for a Summer EP. The fame came particularly when the automotive company Peugeot used it in 2012 in one of its major advertising campaign "I Am Your Body" in the series of ads "Let Your Body Drive" for the " Peugeot 208" model. The song entered the French Singles Chart after airing of the ad on French television. Golden Chains's interactive music video, produced by CLM BBDO, Carnibird and ACNE Production, received several awards including the 2012 UK Music Video Innovation Award as well as several Lions in the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

ALB has shared studios with Yuksek and has worked with Bewitched Hands, Yuksek, The Shoes, Brodinski and Monsieur Monsieur and others. Clément Daquin has been a member of The Invaders and has worked closely with Yuksek's electropop combo Klanguage. and Klanguage's self-titled album was co-produced by Clément Daquin and Pierre Alexandre Busson.

Usage examples of "alb".

He did not know how long his enforced stay in Alb would last, or how long his memory of another life would sustain and give him an advantage.

I am a Dru, of the Drus of Alb, and whoever disobeys me will suffer the abiding curse of all the Gods for all time.

If he meant to survive in Alb, and he did, then he must suppress the rage, the shock, and the sickness that was moving in his belly.

Taleen had explained, was the Goddess of all women in Alb, in Voth, and indeed in the whole land as far as the Princess knew.

Blade filed the name of Thunor away for future reference, conceding that when in the land of Alb it might be as well to do as the Albians did, always within reason, of course.

He was in Alb, not London, and in a time and dimension he did not comprehend in the least.

King of Alb and husband to the Lady Alwyth, sat at the head of the table with Cunobar to his right and a thickset bald warrior to his left.

Spies had been circulated about Alb to spread the rumor that Penvey was to be attacked.

No one else in all of Alb is that much of a fool-but then I keep forgetting that you are not of Alb.

In Alb they would be called whores and camp followers-which I suppose they are-but I think they are more than that.

Kyrie, his alb was stained with candlewax, he had forgotten part of the Confiteor Deo.

Holy Re-Formed had worn a polyester alb over a brown jumper and jeans.

He liked the ecclesiastical linen, the humeral and the alb, to be immoderately starched, a chore attended to by a certain Mrs.

He made twisting motions to get the idea across to Alb, but the young man just stood there stupidly, no doubt listening to the gibes of his own circle of friends.

He must have turned the power full up, to judge by the way Alb flinched.