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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alar \A"lar\, a. [L. alarius, fr. ala wing: cf. F. alaire.]

  1. Pertaining to, or having, wings.

  2. (Bot.) Axillary; in the fork or axil.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"wing-like," c.1840; "of or pertaining to wings," 1847, from Latin alaris, from ala "wing, armpit, wing of an army" (source of Spanish ala, French aile), from *axla, originally "joint of the wing or arm;" from PIE *aks- (see axis).


a. 1 (context anatomy English) of or relating to the armpit; axillary. 2 Having, resembling, or composed of wings or alae. n. A growth-regulating chemical sprayed on fruit trees; entire crop can be harvested at one time; daminozide.

  1. adj. of or relating to the axil [syn: axillary]

  2. having or resembling wings [syn: alary, aliform, wing-shaped]

Alar (disambiguation)

Alar is the common term for Daminozide, a chemical compound that serves as a plant growth regulator.

"Alar" may also refer to:

  • Alar ligament, connection between head and neck
  • Alar fascia, layer of fascia
  • Alar plate (also known as alar lamina), neural structure in the embryonic nervous system
  • Lamborghini Alar, mid-engined sports car produced by Lamborghini LatinoAmerica

Usage examples of "alar".

She was not sufficiently weatherwise about Darkover to guess how long the storm would be in coming, but she thought it would hit long before the Alar family rode the twenty miles to their home.

Danilo Syrtis-Ardais, Donal Alar, and Herm Aldaran were also in attendance.

With that white hair you must be Regis-Rafael Felix Alar Hastur y Elhalyn, and you are my cousin.

Piedro Alar was helping Ariel, out of the vehicle, and now Margaret could hear the voices of the children, eager to get out of confinement.

A nurse, holding Kennard and little Lewis in her arms, managed to get down the steps of the carriage, and Donal and Damon Alar clambered out after her.

Behind them, the Alar luggage was being brought in, with grumbles and shouts.

Donal Alar sped into the room just at that moment, followed with more dignity by his brother Damon, and his parents.

At least her father was keeping close, and little Donal Alar was at her side, watching with alert eyes.

It was three mornings later when Margaret, Ida, and Donal Alar set off in a small carriage.

He would be old enough to enter the Cadets in a couple of years, if Ariel Alar permitted it.

Outside, Loial scrambled to his feet when they appeared, Alar and Verin leading.

He looked to Alar, then Verin, and when neither told him to stop, he went on, sounding increasingly confident.

CHAPTER 37 What Might Be Alar led them away from the Waygate at a dignified pace, though Juin seemed more than anxious to leave the Waygate behind.

Mat, at least, looked ahead eagerly, and Hurin seemed confident, while Loial appeared concerned more that Alar might change her mind about his going than about anything else.

C-SPAN without being subjected to the spectacle of some movie star eagerly testifying about disease, childhood obesity, Alar on apples, circus elephants, or the plight of farmers.