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alt. (given name female from=Celtic), a feminine form of Alan. n. (given name female from=Celtic), a feminine form of Alan.

Usage examples of "alana".

Thinking about Alana, her voice so clear and vivid in his head it was as if she were right there with him, as if the past had suddenly come back to life.

Bishop the following day, and learned Alana had qualified on the phase pistol.

Archer and Hoshi were hi the jump seats immediately behind him, Bishop and Reed in the next row, and behind them, Alana, who had perfected the art of ignoring him.

Of all the things Phlox could have told him were wrong with Alana, that was about the last one Reed expected to hear.

It was the same old Alana he was seeing, looking just the way she had during those first few firing drills in the armory, when she was trying to work the kinks out of her reflexes.

Something that had to do with the change that had come over Alana, and Valay, and the secrets hidden inside the Sarkassian outpost.

I think Alana would also agree that we honor her by continuing to look forward, toward the future, and not to focus too hard on the past.

She was both dreading and dying to hear his version of that story she’d first heard from Alana in makeup.

Stop fashing yourself laddie just do what you've prepared yourself and Nigel and Alana for don't think of the cold world watching with its mechanical moonlet eyes pretend it's the first soul-trip just like long years ago a natural thing if a wonder an old thing cherished in spite of doubts and oppression and now it's time we showed it proudly and how will you like being a famous man my own wee Jamie?

The muscles in his jaw flexed and he spoke slowly, with a reluctance that told Alana more than his words.

A number of colorful racial slurs were exchanged in good humor, and then all of them but Alana concentrated on food and drink.