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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alan \A*lan"\ ([.a]*l[.a]n"), n. [OF. alan, alant; cf. Sp. alano.] A wolfhound. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, 1066, from Old Breton Alan, name of a popular Welsh and Breton saint; brought to England by the large contingent of Bretons who fought alongside William the Conqueror.


n. A wolfhound.


ALAN is an Italian bicycle manufacturer.

In 1972, ALAN was the first company to introduce an all aluminum frameset made from aerospace grade aluminum. Just a few years later in 1976, ALAN was again first in developing and manufacturing a production carbon frame made by bonding Torayca carbon fibre composite tubing to cast aluminium lugs, a process still widely used today by many manufacturers.

Over the years the firm's frames being ridden to 20 World Cyclo cross Championships, 5 World Track Title Championships, numerous classics wins, as well as stage wins in the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España.

Alan (automobile)

The Alan was a German "inflation-period" automobile of simple design; it was manufactured by J Mayer in Bamberg in limited numbers between 1923 and 1925. The only model, the 6/30, had a 30 hp, four- cylinder engine with overhead valves, made in Berlin by Siemens and Halske.

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Alan (given name)

Alan is a masculine given name in the English language. There are numerous differing etymologies attributed to the name. The name was first introduced into England by Bretons who took part in the Norman Invasion in the 11th century. Today there are numerous variations of Alan, a short form, and there are also numerous feminine forms of the name as well. Alan has many forms in other languages. Alan is also an Old Breton personal name (from which the modern English Alan is ultimately derived), as well as being a Norman French name.

Alan (legendary creature)

The Alan are deformed spirits from the folklore of the Tinguian tribe of the Philippines. They have wings and can fly, and their fingers and toes point backwards.

The Alan are said to take drops of menstrual blood, miscarried fetuses, afterbirth, or other reproductive waste and transform them into human children, whom they then raise as their own. They live near springs in extremely fine houses, made of gold and other valuables.

Alan (Mexican singer)

Erick Ibarra Miramontes (born on June 28, 1973), best known as Alan, is a Mexican telenovela actor and one of the singers of the Mexican boy band Magneto. He sang with Magneto throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He also acted in several of Televisa's telenovelas and television series.

Usage examples of "alan".

All Alan had was his gift, which was not the most reliable of companions.

But the kid had looked vulnerable too, and Alan had left the kid behind.

He would wander upstairs, Alan knew, to his pitch-black, book-strewn bedroom, where he would lie on his elegant four-poster until the fragment of another chapter came to him.

She turned over and buried her face in the sheets, and imagined that there was nothing in the world but this dark room, no one else but Alan, drinking beer and watching the Red Sox game.

Around the third inning she leaned her head against his shoulder, and Alan hesitantly put his arm around her.

I go to your apartment, Alan, and what do I see there but a cute brown-haired girl wearing jeans.

You protect yourself from the evil, Alan, with your Red Sox and your opera and your funny little job.

Not so that Alan would protect her, but so that Seth would be able to find her.

Julia looked at Alan, and he knew that the ether was carrying his messages loud and clear.

Unable to stay, unable to go, Alan wandered away from his place of employment.

Kelliher set to work, grunting and straining, and Alan wanted to help but could not.

Finally Alan camped outside his door during office hours and managed to get a few minutes of his time.

Now Alan was leaning over the sink, staring down into darkness, holding on to the darkness, which writhed and scratched beneath him.

There should be a hitching post, Alan thought, a stagecoach rattling by, a dozen extras milling around.

The ground started to tremble, and Alan realized the power was welling up beneath him, the bomb was about to explode.