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I feel better for it, though I will have to make certain now that Alake never sees this journal.

I could not help envying the respect accorded Alake by the Phondrans or the love and reverence shown Sabia by the Elmas.

As Alake had said, my parents would never permit the serpents to take me.

And I knew, looking at their faces, that the One was talking to Alake and Sabia, as well.

I knew this because I looked suddenly at Alake and found her looking at me.

As Alake said, I could not have stood and watched my people die and say to myself, I might have prevented this!

I managed to get Alake, who still seemed inclined to want to stay and argue, out of the bedroom and into the hall.

To give Alake her due, she probably would have starved to death before getting through one of the elven dinners, which could sometimes stretch into cycles, with several hours between courses.

Fortunately, elves fill their rooms with furniture and vases and flowers and birdcages, so we were well-concealed, although I had to peer through the leaves of a palm and Alake was eye-to-eye with a singing phurah bird.

I looked back, saw an odd shadow, and was about to say something when Alake pounced on me.

I had lived among humans and elves, but had never seen any human magic, and I was surprised when Alake invited us.

I watched Alake take her place before her altar, which she had set up in the empty cargo hold on deck two.

So I sat, scuffing my heels against the floor and trying to take an interest in what Alake was doing.

I spoke in what I thought was an undertone, but Alake must have heard me, because she looked shocked and frowned at me in reproof.

I told Alake to keep an eye on the floating human, took Devon to deck two, the topmost part of the waterlock.