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The Collaborative International Dictionary

al- \al-\ prefix.

  1. [AS. eal.] All; wholly; completely; as, almighty, almost.

  2. [L. ad.] To; at; on; -- in OF. shortened to a-. See ad-.

  3. The Arabic definite article answering to the English the; as, Alkoran, the Koran or the Book; alchemy, the chemistry. [1913 Webster] ||


Etymology 1 pre. (qualifier: no longer productive) (alternative form of all- English) Etymology 2

pre. Variant of (term: ad-) used before the letter L.

Usage examples of "al-".

It was a long story, impossible to unravel, partly because the various Arab authors and protagonists had extremely long names, the texts were transcribed with a forest of diacritical marks, and as the evening wore on we could no longer distinguish between Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn 'AH ibn Razzam al-Ta I al-Kufi, Abu Muhammad 'Ubayd Allah, and Abu Mu'inl 'Abd Din Na-sir ibn Khusraw MarvazI Qubadiyanl.