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Åkre may refer to the following locations:

  • Åkre, Hedmark in Rendalen municipality, Hedmark, Norway
  • Åkre, Telemark in Drangedal municipality, Telemark, Norway
  • Åkrehamn in Karmøy municipality, Rogaland, Norway
Akre (disambiguation)

Akre is a city and district in Iraq.

Akre may also refer to:

  • Akre, Israel
  • Akre (surname), a surname
Akre (surname)

Akre is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carrie Akre (born 1966), American singer
  • Charles T. Akre (21st century), American investor
  • Helge Akre (born 1903), Norwegian diplomat
  • Jane Akre (21st century), American journalist
  • Karl Akre (born 1840), Norwegian politician

Usage examples of "akre".

Wilson and Akre testified that the local station manager again reviewed the reports, found no errors, and scheduled them to run the following week.

Wilson and Akre claim that the station manager, David Boylan, ordered the reporters to edit the show in a way that was deceptive but favorable to Monsanto.