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'' ĽAkoko, with an initial glottal stop, is the Hawaiian term for the plant genus Euphorbia (spurges).''

Akoko is a large Northeast Yoruba settlement in Yorubaland, the area spans from Ondo state to Edo state in southwest Nigeria. Akoko land takes a large percentage of the local governments in Ondo state. Out of the present 18 Local Government Councils it takes four, Akoko North-East, Akoko North-West, Akoko South-East and Akoko South-West, as well as the Akoko Edo LGA of Edo State. The Adekunle Ajasin University, a state owned university, is located in Akungba-Akoko. A state specialist hospital is at Ikare Akoko, while a general hospital is located in Oka-Akoko.