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Akobo (woreda)

Akobo is one of the woredas in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. It is named after the Akobo River, which flows westwards then north into the Baro River, defining its border with South Sudan. Part of the Nuer Zone, Akobo is bordered on the south and west by South Sudan, on the north by Wentawo, and on the east by the Anuak Zone. The westernmost point of this woreda is the westernmost point of Ethiopia. Towns in Akobo include Tergol.


Akobo may refer to:

  • Akobo (woreda), Ethiopia
  • Akobo River
  • Akobo, South Sudan
  • Akobo County, South Sudan
  • Akobo Airport, located in Akobo, South Sudan