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Akka (spirit)

Akka is a female spirit in Sami shamanism and Finnish mythology. Worship of the akka was common and took the form of sacrifices, pleas for help and various rituals. Some Sámi believed the akka lived under their tents. As with other gods, the name appears within some geographical names, leaving a legacy of Sami presence.


Akka or AKKA may refer to:

Akka (toolkit)

Akka is an open-source toolkit and runtime simplifying the construction of concurrent and distributed applications on the JVM. Akka supports multiple programming models for concurrency, but it emphasizes actor-based concurrency, with inspiration drawn from Erlang.

Language bindings exist for both Java and Scala. Akka is written in Scala and, as of Scala 2.10, Akka's actor implementation is included as part of the Scala standard library.

Akka (film)

Akka is a 1976 Tamil Indian feature film directed by Madurai Thirumaran and produced by Mathura Films. It stars K. R. Vijaya and Jaiganesh in the lead roles.

Akka (TV series)

'''Akka ''' is a Tamil soap opera aried on Jaya TV. The show premiered on 15 September 2014 and aired Monday through Friday at 8:30PM IST. The Show Stars by Kausalya, Nithya Das and Akhila in lead roles. The show last aired on 9 April 2015 and ended with 143 episodes.

Usage examples of "akka".

Not so long ago, Akka, you feared that the Holy War would be declared against the Schools.

She had the broad features common to the Akka people and the broad shoulders of a woman who has tackled a lot of reindeer, and it was hard to tell whether she contemplated those dogs with such an avid gaze because they looked fit to serve her, or to be eaten for supper.

The Akka Walking One translated his words to her people, who crowded around to listen.

The Akka woman spoke sharply, and the people quieted, not without a lot of pinching and protests, so that Falling-down could go on.

Now, Akka healing woman and our brother Tanioinin pray to the ancestor, the old mother of their tribe.

The Akka guide strode beside him, seemingly unperturbed by this change of plan.

Eight wore the skins typical of the Akka people, furs and hides sewn into clothing.

Their eyes, so uncannily inhuman in a face so like to human form, examined Adica, Alain, and the Akka woman before they sank down to the ground, legs folded under them.

Proyas, a thing that had dismayed her even though she understood his reason much as Kellhus loved Akka, all men were his province now.

Proyas, a thing that had dismayed her even though she understood his reasonmuch as Kellhus loved Akka, all men were his province now.

They seemed good people, Esmenet thought, the kind of people Akka would prize as friends.