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Akiya is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Einosuke Akiya (born 1930), Japanese Buddhist leader
  • Karl Ichiro Akiya (1909-2002), Japanese-American activist, Communist, author, and internee
  • Tomoko Akiya (born 1976), Japanese voice actor
Akiya (Assyrian king)

Akiya was an early ruler of the city-state Assur. According to the Assyrian King List (AKL), he was the twenty-ninth Assyrian monarch of the Early Period of Assyria. He is listed within a section of the AKL as the third out of the six, "kings whose eponyms are not known." The AKL states that Akiya was the successor of Kikkia, and was the predecessor of Puzur-Ashur I. Very little is otherwise known of Akiya's reign.