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Akij Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. The industries under this conglomerate include Textiles, Tobacco, Food & Beverage, Cement, Ceramics, Printing and Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer products etc.In 2009, Akij Group paid 390 million euros in tax, making it the biggest local tax-payer, contributing two per cent to this nation’s entire budget. Akij also provides services in Healthcare, Information and Communication Technology. Its turnover in 2009 was 89 billion Taka.

Akij Group was established in the 1940s by industrialist Sheikh Akij Uddin as a jute trading business, before moving into cigarettes and other areas of business.

List of companies

  • Akij Corporation Limited
  • Akij Jute Mills Ltd
  • Akij Food & Beverage Ltd - products including carbonated drinks.
  • Dhaka Tobacco Industries
  • Akij Biri Factory Ltd.
  • Akij Zarda Factory Ltd.
  • Akij Match Factory Ltd.
  • Akij Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Akij Particle Board Mills Ltd.
  • Akij Printing & Packaging Ltd.
  • Akij Cement Company Ltd.
  • Akij Ceramics Company Ltd.
  • Akij Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Akij Real Estate Ltd.
  • Akij Motors (One stop automobile solution)
  • Arbar Tours and Travels
  • Akij Hotel and Resorts
  • Akij Wildlife Farm Limited
  • Akij M.P Air Hajj Agency
  • S.A.F Industries Ltd.
  • Akij Securities Ltd.
  • Akij Gas Company Ltd.
  • Akij Gas Station Ltd.
  • Akij Computer Ltd
  • Akij Online Ltd
  • Akij Institute of Technology
  • Akij Foundation School & College
  • Sakina School For Girls
  • Ad-din Foundation
  • Akij Foundation
  • Akij Automotive Industry