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Usage examples of "akh".

But akh, at any arena I have never been able to resist making some kind of wager.

And it was an outlandish idea, akh was a compound made of the hottest peppers, the strongest garlic, and a brew of aged fish stock.

Relkin had collected a trencher of pie, plus the pail of dumplings and akh, and a shoulder sack full of hot bread.

Ton indicated the pail of dumplings, slathered in hot reeking akh that had been set out for Relkin.

Dragons were not the best at gentle persuasion, and akh was wonderful.

The dragons had akh on their bread, and they ate a dozen loaves apiece.

By the gods, he thought, even legion noodles with plenty of akh would be fine.

There was more fresh bread, hot out of the ovens, and for flavorings there was butter and lime and salt and even akh for those with strong taste buds.

Relkin, gathering up a pot of akh and a half dozen fresh-baked long loaves.

Happily they broached a couple of kegs of ale and drained them and sang together while they ate every last scrap of the shark, along with cauldrons of noodles covered in akh, fresh bread, and wheels of cheese.

Sogosh and the harbor spread out below, they halted for a quick meal of bread, onions, akh, and sausage purchased in Sogosh, then they resumed the march.

Then, summoned by the cookshack bell, dragonboys returned with basins of noodles slathered in akh while a wagon brought beer for the dragons.

It was all he could do to eat several big tubs of noodles lathered in akh and then turn in and sleep every hour allowed.

Ah, for the rich flavors of such food the nuances of toasting and roasting and frying and akh, always akh.

Relkin took the hint and brought Bazil an armful of army bread slathered in akh and then a pail of water to wash it down.