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Akers (surname)

Akers is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Burt Akers, penname of Kenneth Bulmer
  • Bill Akers, Major League Baseball infielder
  • Charles W. Akers, historian and educator
  • Courtney Akers, British actress
  • Dave Akers, videogame designer
  • David Akers, American football placekicker
  • Deborah Akers, author and researcher
  • Fred Akers, former American football coach
  • Garfield Akers, blues singer and guitarist
  • George Akers, film editor
  • Jeran Akers, former mayor of Plano, Texas
  • John Fellows Akers, president of IBM
  • Karen Akers, American actress and singer
  • Mary Ann Akers, political gossip columnist
  • Michael Akers, American film director, producer, screenwriter and editor
  • Michelle Akers, American soccer player
  • Mitchell Akers, Major League Baseball Relief Pitcher
  • Polk E. Akers, inventor of Akers' clasp
  • Rob Akers, architect
  • Thomas Akers, former United States astronaut
  • Vic Akers, former football player and manager
  • Wallace Akers, chemist and industrialist