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n. (obsolete spelling of acre English)


Åker may refer to:

  • Åker Ship District, an area in Uppland, Sweden

Aker (name) is a surname.

Aker can also refer to:

In places:

  • Aker, Norway, a geographic area in Oslo and a former municipality in Norway
  • Vestre Aker, a district of Oslo within former Aker municipality
  • Nordre Aker, a district of Oslo within former Aker municipality

In other uses:

  • Aker (angel), mentioned only in the Greek Apocalypse of Ezra
  • Aker (god), a god in ancient Egyptian mythology
  • Aker University Hospital, primary hospital in eastern Oslo
  • Old Aker Church, a church in Oslo
  • Akers mekaniske Verksted, a former shipyard in Oslo
  • Aker ASA, a company based in Oslo, Norway, including its subsidiaries
    • Aker Solutions, engineering company (formerly Aker Kværner)
    • Aker American Shipping, bareboat company with Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
    • Aker Capital, financial investments
    • Aker Drilling, oil rig company
    • Aker Floating Production, company engaged in ship based petroleum production
    • Aker Seafoods, seafood company
    • Aker Material Handling, storage systems company
    • Aker BioMarine, krill harvest and processing company
  • Aker Brygge, business and entertainment area in central Oslo (area was used by Aker Ship Yard until 1982)
  • Aker stadion in Molde, Norway
  • Aker Yards, European ship yard group (part of Aker ASA until March 2007)
  • Jason Akermanis, former Australian rules footballer
Aker (name)

Aker is an Scandinavian, English, and Turkish surname. People with the name include:

  • Brian Aker (born 1972), US open-source hacker
  • Jack Aker (born 1940), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker (1892–1961), a Turkish soldier
  • Raymond Aker (1920–2003), a British navigator and historian
  • Şefik Aker (1877–1964), a Turkish soldier
  • Tim Aker (born 1985), a British politician
  • Jason Akermanis (born 1977), Australian rules footballer, commonly known as "Aker"
Aker (angel)

Aker is an angel mentioned in the Greek Apocalypse of Ezra whose name was revealed to Esdras as one of the nine angels who will govern "at the end of the world." The nine angels mentioned are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Gabuthelon, Aker, Arphugitonos, Beburos, and Zebuleon. Aker is not considered an archangel and is a non-canonical figure. Theologians surmise that Aker may be comparable to Kyr.

Aker (deity)

Aker was an Ancient Egyptian earth and death deity.

Usage examples of "aker".

Staff Sergeant Alphonse Marks, Lieutenant Charles Akers, and Lieutenant Megan Swigart.

Marine Corps combat instructor, Akers was trained as a Navy SEAL, and Swigart was a former Navy A-36 fighter pilot.

It landed due west of the base several days ago, but only Marks and Akers have been out to visit it.

Like a guard marching prisoners into a POW compound, Akers strode behind the four of them as they walked toward the habitat.

Once they had arrived at the auxiliary airlock, Akers unwittingly made a miscalculation: He allowed Sasaki and Nash to enter the airlock by themselves, leaving him outside with Kawakami and Verduin.

Nash to enter first, then walked in just behind him, with Akers bringing up the rear.

Lieutenant Akers saw you put one under that rover, and my guess was that you took the opportunity once you were inside the habitat to bury a few more.

Marks and Charlie Akers hauled Nash into Module Three, the storage compartment across the corridor from the command center, and there they beat the shit out of him.

Then Marks took his turn in the boxing ring while Akers held Nash in a full nelson.

After they checked his pulse to make certain that he was still alive, Marks and Akers dragged him out of the storeroom and up the corridor to Module Nine, the laboratory which also functioned as the base infirmary.

There was a dull ache throughout his body, and for the first few moments he thought he was still in the storeroom, waiting for Marks and Akers to begin the next round of their one-sided prizefight.

Verduin instinctively glanced through the small oval porthole on his left to make sure that Akers was standing there.

When the screen readjusted itself, Verduin saw Akers stagger backward slightly, apparently disoriented by what was coming through his helmet.

In the background, they could see Akers hop-skipping toward the tripod-and-wrench arrangement above the pit.

He felt sick at the sight of the dry bloodstains on the floor, but there was a certain poetic justice to be found: also on the floor were the same bungi cords that Marks and Akers had used to tie him up.