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Akça is a Turkish island shaped like a shellfish near the biggest city of the Turkish Aegean coast Izmir. It is an uninhabited island and there are only bushes on the island. It is situated between Arap Islands, Yassıca, Çiçek Islands, Körtaş Islands and İncirli Island. It is off the coast of Port of Urla. It is a small island surrounded with turquoise waters, thus it is a swimming spot for the residents of Izmir in summertime.

The Greek name for Akça was Nisida Patates. The Southwest part of the island is a little rocky and there is a small islet called Akçaca Islet 100 m. off the coast.

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Akça (disambiguation)

Akça is an island off Izmir in Turkey.

Akça may also refer to: