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n. ether or atmosphere, as one of the elements in Hindu philosophy

Akasa (band)

Akasa was a London-based pop band that had moderate success in the late- 1980s and early- 1990s. The group was formed in 1988 under a deal with Warner Bros.

Akasa featured a very young Sophiya Haque as vocalist along with Clem Alford and Jhalib Millar. Supported by producer Martyn Phillips, Akasa served as the stepping stone to further success for Haque.

The group's single "One Night in my Life" was well-received and several live performances followed at clubs in London. Akasa's style of music is represented by a healthy fusion of Western and Indian music.

Other notable Akasa tracks include "Kamasutra", "The Wheel of Life" and "Himalayan Hideaway".

Haque's untimely death, at the age of 41 on 17 January 2013, renewed interest in the group's contributions to the London pop scene.

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Usage examples of "akasa".

In fact, he mused, when he was young, akasa chambers were not furnished.

Suddenly, the smells and sights of the akasa chamber seemed unbearable.

The sky had turned crimson and saffron in the east, and the deep midnight blue Dasaratha had seen from the akasa chamber had turned to a lighter blue, the exact blue shade of the white-and-blue china vase he had been gifted with by the Greek envoy just last week.

Earlier this morning in the akasa chamber, Dasaratha had reproached her for thinking as a wife rather than a mother.

Behind them, the sage continued his chant, reciting slokas upon slokas, the mantras seeming to change the very texture of the air they breathed, infusing their lungs with raw, pure energy drawn down from the akasa to replace the foul atmosphere of the Bhayanak-van.