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Akane (あかね, アカネ) is the Japanese word for 'deep red' (茜, Akane, Rubia cordifloria) and is associated with red(from the red dye made from its roots) and brilliant red. Akane can also mean Angry Child, Akane (written in a variety of forms) is both a female Japanese given name, ranked #9 of names to give girls in Japan, as well as a surname. In fiction, the name Akane has been used for various characters in anime, manga, games, books, and comics. Notable people with the name include:

Akane (apple)

'Akane' also known as 'Tokyo Rose', 'Tohoku No.3' and 'Prime Red' is a Japanese cultivar of domesticated apple, that according to Orange Pippin is one of the best early season apples.

'Akane' was developed by the Morika Experimental Station of Japan sometime between 1900 and 1949, by crossing a Jonathan apple with a Worcester Pearmain, and was introduced to the United States in 1937, where it is very popular.