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n. (alternative form of AK-47 English)

Ak47 (rapper)

Ak47 (born Alex Keonig in Côte d'Ivoire) is a Swiss hip hop recording artist and the founder of JD Records.

Swag started his career at age 13 when he began composing music, and was well known in his hometown as a rapper. Swag began performing with his friends Sevillano & Sine as the group the "A2S Crew".

In November 2011, he released his street clip entitled "Illegal in the Blood". He was involved in a political provocation in ( Le Nouvelliste) when he referred to the UDC with the phrase, "...pursuin til' the end of the world, I would put the mother of Freysinger on the tip of a bomb."

In December 2011, he released an album titled "The First Episode."

On December 14, 2011, he released a small clip of the song entitled "Let them Talk, the Jealous Will Lose Weight".

In November 2011 Ak47 launched his own clothing line called Ak47.

Alex, Often known as the originator of the swag movement has been known over the years as one of our nation's most treasured rap artists, leading the industry with such chart-topping singles as "Faded O's" and "50 Spray Mane".