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Ajit (given name)

Ajit, variously spelled Ajith, Agith or Ajeet ( ) is a common male or often female name given name. It is used in its various forms throughout India and also in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A related name is Ajay.

Ajit (newspaper)

Ajit (Daily Ajit) is a Punjabi language daily newspaper published in Jalandhar, India. The newspaper is run by Sadhu Singh Hamdard trust. The newspaper was founded in 1941 in Urdu language. Veteran journalist and ex- Rajya Sabha member, Dr. Barjinder Singh Hamdard, is the current editor-in-chief. In 2007-08, it claimed a circulation of more than 3.33 Lakh.


Ajit, Ajith or Ajeet may refer to:

  • Ajit (given name), an Indian masculine given name (including a list of persons with the name)
  • Ajit (newspaper), Punjabi daily newspaper
  • Ajith (film), a 2014 Kannada film
  • HAL Ajeet, an Indian jet fighter plane
  • Ajit, an alternative name of the future Buddha Maitreya